Healthcare Processes Innovation

My aim is to ensure excellent patient care within the digitalized care process


I bring clinicians and managers into dialogue with IT and support your project throughout all its phases...

  • …in the initial planning

    I analyze the current situation with you to discover how to maximize the potential in your processes. This way I help you to determine which topics to tackle and when, and to develop the perfect strategy to make innovation meaningful from both a clinical and business standpoint. I also prepare expert assessments and conduct market analyses to support the initial proposals.

  • …in project management

    I support the implementation phase of your project, bringing to it my wealth of experience gathered through numerous projects for leading companies in the health sector. Whether this involves innovations running into millions or a customized process solution for patient admission, we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.

  • …in the implementation phase

    The smooth running of new systems often hinges on details. I have a sixth sense when it comes to the fine tuning of processes. Leave this fine-tuning to me. Together we will turbo-charge your innovation project.

  • …in the optimizing phase

    The smooth running of new systems often hinges on details. I have a sixth sense when it comes to the fine tuning of processes. Leave this fine-tuning to me. Together we will turbo-charge your innovation project.

  • …in the trouble shooting phase

    If things don’t run smoothly, I’ll get your project back on track. Together with my clients, I have steered many innovative ideas safely back into calmer waters, even after quite a stormy period. Together we will navigate around expected and unexpected obstacles and successfully bring your project home.

“Integrated care, the German Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz – KHZG), EHR, UX, machine learning – these are not foreign to me. They are my stock in trade.”


About me

My qualifications mix


My degree in human medicine at the University of Lübeck laid the foundation for my future success in digital health care projects. After receiving my license to practice medicine and my doctorate, I specialized in hospital consulting. Today, I draw on this expertise and work with medical partners on an equal footing.


Achieving an MBA added a further dimension to my qualifications. Now, as a trained manager, I have both the commercial aspects of your institution and the welfare of your patients in view. For my master’s thesis on “Integrated Care and Medical Technology” I received the DGIV (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Integrierte Versorgung im Gesundheitswesen e. V. – German Society for Integrated Health Care) Innovation Award.

Digital Strategy

As a strategy consultant for digital health care, I draw on a wealth of experience. Both in my role as an independent consultant and while working for a leading medical technology company, I have strategically managed numerous complex IT-based health care projects – using state-of-the-art innovative technologies, such as machine learning.



Henriette was outstanding when working with different user groups and stakeholders to develop an efficient software-based care management solution for patients with chronic heart failure. As this was a new and innovative telemedicine project with a high degree of uncertainty and complexity, Henriette led the team very smoothly and found creative approaches to facilitate the desired change.

Bernard Brandewiede


Dr Neumeyer impressed me with her extraordinary professional expertise and communicative skills in regular meetings with chief physicians and other managers at our hospital. On the basis of the evaluation of our key figures, she regularly prepared potential analyses in which she presented ways to optimize revenues in relation to material costs and put these proposals into practice with the project team. For me, the added value of Dr Neumeyer’s commitment was demonstrated by the fact that her work led to sustainably measurable improvements.

Alexander Mohr

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Klinikum Bayreuth

I got to know Dr Neumeyer when she won the 2016 Innovation Award from the German Society for Integrated Health Care (Gesellschaft für Integrierte Versorgung im Gesundheitswesen e. V.). There and in our joint work on projects for further education in health policy, I have been repeatedly impressed by Dr Neumeyer’s professional skills as well as her way of critically questioning the status quo in the health care system and providing it with new impulses. Above all, Dr Neumeyer’s approachable manner is an invaluable asset in the health sector.

Dr. Albrecht Kloepfer

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Büro für gesundheitspolitische Kommunikation (Office for Health Policy Communication)

We at MINDS Medical work with Henriette Neumeyer on machine learning projects in health care. Our mutual standpoint is that technology only makes sense if you implement it in a user-friendly way. Dr Neumeyer supports us here not only as a domain expert for clinical processes and data, but also as a sparring partner with an abundance of creativity and as a mediator at the interface between technology and medicine for new use cases.

Lukas Naab


My dedication


At NORDAKADEMIE gAG University of Applied Sciences I hold a professorship and head the Master of Science Health Care Management degree program. Here, I pass on my knowledge and promote talented individuals from all health care disciplines who want to implement future-oriented business models. In this way, I always have my finger on the pulse of innovation.


My three key qualifications enable me to maximize digital potential. I help decision-makers and innovators in the health care sector to create and implement process-driven solutions. The goal: integrated care processes for the benefit of patients, staff and companies.


Do my services suit your project? Then, please do not hesitate to contact me.